Flyout River Float Trips
are a unique way to take in all that Kodiak has to offer.


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Fly-out River Float Trips
Uganik Lake is a short, scenic 10 minute flight from Quartz Creek Lodge in a float plane. Flying through a mountain pass treats you to a birds eye view of rugged rocky mountains, green grassy meadows and scattered beaver ponds. The blue water of this glacial fed lake, settled between the towering cliff faces of the mountains that loom up on either side, is surrounded by rich green cottonwood trees.

After landing and unloading the rafts & gear we begin assembling your fishing gear ... fishing begins where the plane lands with plenty of Dolly Varden awaiting the angler. Once the rafts are pumped up & loaded and you've caught enough for starters, we begin the slow, scenic float down the twisting, winding river with lots of trout and salmon water to be fished. Easy wading and lots of fishing holes make for a long, fun day. It's a very relaxing trip with deep rolling pools, long trailing riffles with plenty of slow, smooth stretches and just enough splashes to keep it exciting!

The green grassy banks are spotted with patches of wildflowers ~ everything from lupines to wild roses and plenty of birds and wildlife ~ a nature lovers dream!

Giant cottonwoods line the banks of the river. Small grassy meadows, towering mountains and deep valleys align the river as it twists and winds its way down to the ocean. Bear trails line both sides of the banks, making for easy walking and letting us know that we're not the first fishermen to the hole!

There are always bears at the bottom of the river on the tide flats. Salmon backs, like stepping stones across the river, dart out in front of the raft as we float along. Don't be surprised to come around the corner and see a sow & cubs fishing for them!

A skiff meets us at the river mouth. You can fish away as we deflate the rafts and load everything into the skiff for a short 15 minute ride to the lodge. It's not uncommon to pass fishing boats with their seines set around schools of pink salmon, trying to catch them before they enter the river. Sometimes you'll see bears & deer along the rocky beaches, eagles will be sitting on bluffs & points and there can be millions of seagulls diving after fish in the ocean. Oftentimes we're entertained by humpback or fin whales, sea otters and seals along the way.

On really clear days you will be 'WOWED' by the snow & ash covered mountains of the Alaska Peninsula, 30 miles across the Shelikof Straits ~ it is a sight to behold! When we arrive at the lodge there will be hot showers and a nice dinner waiting to be served. Everyone is sorry to see the day end but enthusiastic stories will be shared over dinner. It's a day for making memories that will last forever.

David & Pam Pingree
Quartz Creek Lodge
Kodiak, AK 99697
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