My wife & I love to travel to different places. Quartz Creek is the only place we return year after year. The fishing is outstanding. The food and accommodations are great and the Pingree family makes the whole experience worthwhile and special. The bears, whales, eagles, otters and sheer spectacular beauty make you feel like you’ve been part of a National Geographic wildlife adventure. On a one to ten this is a definite 10.”

~Jerry & Sharon Berkowitz, Minnesota

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Rich waters of Uganik bay are teeming with fish ranging from bottom dwelling halibut and shimmering schools of salmon to the wandering salmon shark you occasionally see sunning themselves after catching their fill of salmon.

Although we barely have to leave the "front yard" to catch halibut we often head out the bay on a 15-35 minute scenic boat ride to drop our lines for these delicious eating white sided fish. Salmon can be caught on the outer capes and points as their schools swim by making their way towards the river.

One great spot to do a halibut and salmon combo is near a set of bird islands. We tell our guests to strap themselves in, get ready for some great action and to hang onto their rod! Halibut range from 15-400# Our average is 20-60#, with several over 150# caught each year. We can trade in halibut rods for down-riggers and begin trolling for salmon that gather to feed on the bait fish that school up off the islands. Fishing can be fast and furious!

Drift jigging over rock piles and pinnacles for bottomfish is always fun, fishing for a variety of rock fish, greenling, ling cod and halibut.

Our policy is to release halibut over 100# for two reasons. 1)They are the breeding females and we like to do our part to keep the stocks healthy. 2)The meat quality deteriorates greatly the larger the fish.

While fishing, sea otters will be seen swimming around, some training their new pups. Occasionally a pod of Orcas will break the surface. Fin and Humpback whales can be seen across the bay, their spouts standing out against the towering snow capped mountains of the Alaska Peninsula, thirty miles across the Shelikof Straits. Schools of Dall Porpoise jump and play in the boat wake, seals lay sunning themselves on the beaches. Horned and tufted puffins, cormorants, kittiwakes and seagulls are quite entertaining to watch while catching your breath between fish.

We head for the fishing grounds by 9am most mornings and pull up the gear around 7pm for a full day of fishing. Of course, this is your vacation, the hours are flexible depending on what you want to do!

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